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Data Program Manager

Andrews Air Force Base, MD
S2Technologies is currently sourcing for qualified candidates to join our team. We are currently looking for candidates having training and experience performing a Data Program Manager Support.  The qualified candidate shall perform the following tasks:
  • Be responsible for the administration of AFDW’s Data Management Program.
  • Work independently to achieve day-to-day objectives with significant impact on operational results or project deliverables. Responsible for entire program within a technical area.
Data as an asset – Assist with the development of policies, procedures, strategy, and resource roles/responsibilities in support of all data needs for AFDW and its two subordinate wings.
  • Lead efforts and collaborate with tactical data stewards, SAF/CO, HHQ, and other stakeholders to create data definitions and standards that can be adopted and implemented internally and applied to systems
  • Assist with development, implementation, and oversight of the command’s data architecture.
  • Assist with defining necessary hardware, software requirements for the command’s data infrastructure.
Data Usage –Assist with the establishment, organization, solutions, implementation and tools to provide the command with a data architecture that supports the command’s Analytics/Business Intelligence, data sharing, and all internal/external data movement to be in line with DoD and AF Enterprise Information Management goals, policies, and regulations.
  • Assist with the development of enterprise data security standards, policies, and procedures for all data at rest and in-motion. Collaborate with stakeholders on data governance and stewardship resources to ensure data quality, protection, cyber security, and proactive monitoring. Partner with security resources to ensure all data and infrastructure security measures are consistently and appropriately applied to all solutions and efforts
  • Perform statistical/data analysis and apply data mining techniques, leverage the power of data, analytics, AI/ML technologies to uncover hidden relationships from troves of data to generate insights and inform decision-making.
  • Support subordinate units with various approaches to visualize and make sense of complex unstructured data.
  • Prepare and submit a Weekly Activity Report and monthly activities detailing any meetings attended, trips made, and the progress of open actions to the COR
  • Record and store the status of all work being done in a common electronic storage platform and location e.g. SharePoint or Office 365 to enhance the sharing of data within all personnel assigned to the A6 Directorate.
Shall possess a Secret Security Clearance by contract start date.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
The contractor shall apply knowledge of technology options, technology platforms, design techniques and approaches across the Data Engineering ecosystem to design policies, procedures, and governance processes that meet the command’s needs and are in line with AF and DoD Enterprise Information Management standards.
  • Possess (5) five years' relevant data management experience
  • Shall possess working knowledge of Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) regarding the management of assigned workload.
  • Shall possess ability to work with various Office software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.
Education: Bachelor’s degree with a focus in computer and information sciences, engineering, mathematics, computer science, management information systems or other related disciplines

IAM I certification required; Sec+ preferred
Security Clearance:
S2Technologies is an equal opportunity employer.  We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.
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